About Us

This experience was born from the love and passion of chef Stefano who,

after thirty years of experience in the sector

of catering around the world, has decided to make known

in addition to the products and recipes of the best Umbrian cuisine, also the millenary history that surrounds it

with all its flavors and colors the true Italian culture.

Chef Stefano was born in Umbria, an enchanting region where the land is a mix of

natural beauties, medieval atmospheres and places of religious worship,

Chef Stefano gives the secrets of the truffle, one of the most prestigious treasures of the earth, which can be found around the world. How to recognize them, where to find them but, above all, how to cook them will be Chef Stefano’s task, together he will make a journey of flavors and emotions that will remain long in the memory of those who participate in this experience.

We also taste quality Umbrian wines

Utopia is just an unattainable idea for many but possible for visionaries.

Stefano’s dream is to create a community of people who love good food and wine, in every corner of the world, and who can stay in constant contact to create a large family where they can live exciting experiences and taste high quality products.

Furthermore, one goal is to create a direct line with Stefano in order to be able to give technical support to all those who decide to try the products and therefore also create recipes online with the help of Chef Stefano.